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After your child has his/her driver’s permit, they may begin taking Behind-the-Wheel driver’s instruction. The state of Minnesota requires six hours of instruction. The student should set up lessons close to their road test date to ensure that they retain the most information.

Driving instruction is a private lesson with only one student in the vehicle. We suggest you contact Headwaters Driving School two months prior to your child's desired state road test date to set up appointment times for their remaining lessons. Do not wait for us to contact you, it is the responsibility of the student. 

In addition to driving six hours with us, students must drive 40-50 hours with a supervising driver who is 21 years of age or older. We hope your child drives more than 40-50 hours with you. Also, we suggest that most of the driving occur in urban areas. Driving on the highway does not give the students the practice they need. They need interaction with other drivers to learn right of way, left and right-hand turns, etc. The majority of their practice driving should be in town.

Headwaters Driving School provides 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel. Each lesson has its own curriculum and objectives. At Headwaters, we understand that kids are busy with school, sports, and work. We offer weekend and weekday sessions for students. Behind-the-Wheel Sessions can be broken up as follows:

(3) Two-hour lessons

Call or text Sadie at 218-252-4735, to schedule. 

We believe our state-approved Behind-the-Wheel Curriculum below produces a confident and competent driver who is eager to drive.

Orientation to the Car | Gas Brake, and Steering | Basic Intersections | Lane Use: Blind Spots / Signal/Mirror/Shoulder | Basic Lane Changes | Turn Lanes | Merge Lanes | Center Turn Lane / Center Turn Lane In/Center Turn Lane Out | Bike Lanes/Shoulder | Pulling Over/Away | Lane Position | Predicting | Reacting | Managing Driving for Preparedness (being defensive) scanning and paying attention | Distracted Driving | Speed | Parking: Hill Parks, Parallel, 90 degrees backing | Right Turns | Protected and Unprotected Left Hand Turns | Yellow lights | U Turns | Parking Lot Safety
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