Upcoming Parent Meetings

Upcoming Parent Meetings

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Upcoming VIRTUAL Parent Meetings via ZOOM: Monday August 5th and November 11th 6:30-8pm Parents and students should both attend, but the parent meeting is optional.

Call or text for the zoom link! 218-252-4735

Once a student has obtained a permit, they must complete the 40-50 hrs of supervised driving hours and record them on a State approved Driving Log or the Road Ready App. 

The State of Minnesota requires that all drivers under the age of 18 drive 50 hrs with a supervising driver. 

(35 hrs of Daytime Driving and 15 hrs of Night Driving)

If a parent or guardian attends the parent meeting the student, then that student is eligible to drive 40 hrs instead of 50 hrs. 

(25 day hrs and 15 night hrs = 40hrs)